Client Intake Forms

The following forms are designed to help us provide your massage and spa services without doing any harm to yourself or the massage therapist as there are contraindications to different pathologies, medications or health conditions.

Therefore, modifications to your massage session or spa treatment may be necessary and your massage therapist must be informed before your session begins.

Your assistance in filling out the forms below, bringing them with you to your first session and reviewing them with your therapist prior to your session is most appreciated.  You can also fill out the forms upon your arrival, please allow 10 minutes to fill out the form prior to the start of your massage session or spa treatment.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the information requested (907) 892-1628 or email:

Client Intake for Massage Services

Client Intake, Health History, Policies, Privacy and Consent

Client Intake for Spa Services

Client Intake, Health History, Policies, Privacy and Consent

New Client Intake Form

If you are a new client, please complete this form and bring it along to your first session.

Intended Health Benefits Form

This form will help you clarify your goals for your overall health and vitality, including our time together.

General Liability Release Form

This is a standard release of liability for our massage therapy work together.

Minor Liability Release Form

This form allows a parent or legal guardian to give permission to perform massage on a minor client.

Corporate Massage Contract

If you'd like to set up massage for your company as a one-day treat or as a recurring benefit, this contract lays out the details of our agreement.

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